Founded by Gianni Tonin more than 30 years ago. TONIN CASA has been, since the very beginning, a perfect example of passion, elegance and research in the furniture business. Due to its success and the trust from the clientele, at the beginning of the Nineties TONIN CASA started production of modern furniture, together with publishing of specific dedicated catalogues. Since then the company has been in a continuous development and expansion, engaged into worldwide sales and exporting the values of “Made in Italy”.
TONIN CASA products are manufactured selecting trendy, refined and elegant raw materials, aiming to high safety standards and high reliability. In each new collection the coherence of language and shapes is always taken into great consideration. Essential goal for the the company is to always couple beauty and functionality, tradition and innovation, attention to details and cohesion between the different elements.
Each single piece has its own soul: the soul of those who chose it for the home.

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